Product Research

& Development

Cost-effective OEM/ODM
OEM/ODM are welcome. Reference sample, product technical drawing or even hand drawing layout provided, our creative designers will give their professional opinion and finish 3D drawing base on custom’s requirements.

Professional design team
Rich experienced design team of 3 people, one specialize in silicone industry for over 10 years, the other two focus on silicone baby product over 6 years. All of them have good command of Rhino3D NURBS, and can provide unlimited modification until approval for our clients.

Quick response, short turn
The ideas of design take 30 minutes for a 3D rendition and an hour to create a model. It takes about 3 to 5 days from design to finalize base on the construction of production and complex level.

  • Rhino3D NURBS
  • UG-NX
  • Pro/Engineer WildFire
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Small Trial Mold for Sampling

A one cavity small trial mold will be made once layout

approved and order confirm. Which allow us to provide

visibility and realizability physical sample for touching

and checking, and we can modify production size and colors

before production. What’s the most important to reduce the

risk of invest incorrect mold and save cost for customer

before bulk production.

  • CNC machining
  • Mold making
  • Hot press molding

In-house Production mold

Once sample approved, mass production mold will be started.

we have our own mold tooling facility instead of out-sourcing,

as well as skilled workers can make things speed up and

save time for customers.

  • CNC Machine
  • EDM Machine
  • Drilling Machine

Production Material Preparing

Refine raw material
Refine raw material is the most important procedure before
bulk production. There are three elements including:
* Silicone material
* Color Master Batch
* Vulcanizing agent
And these will become flat soft sheet and come out with the
color that we need after high temperature oven refining.

Material cutting
Once the material flat soft sheet is ready, and it will be

cut into many small stripes base on production size, which

the stripes can cover into several cavities at one time

effectively instead of putting one by one.

Material be ready
Keep the stripes clean and in place, which is get ready for bulk production

  • Rubber mixing machine
  • Silicone material split machine


Bulk injection
Material stripes will be injected and formed into production by molding under high temperature.

Because of parting lines, production will have extra edges/ parts that needs trimming and cutting after molding.

2nd oven treatment
After trimming, all productions will be 100% check and arrange 2nd oven treatment for 6 to 8 hours under 180 to 190 centidegree, which is in order to make our production comply with FDA / EU testing standards.

  • Hot press molding
  • Vulcanization

Quality Control

The care and attention put into every one of the products
we produced. strict quality control plans translate into
dimensional layouts, and material certification for
We have the full control over our process, from raw
material to trimming to finishes
Incoming checking: material no. And batch
Inline checking: if lack of material, if enough time
oven treatment.
Final checking: if scratch, dirty, broken, flash
Production certification: FDA, BPA, heavy metal elements, etc.

In-house lab test tools:
* Tension gauge, ≧21LBS
* Torque gauge,
* Bite tester
0 ~18 months, 25±0.5LBS
18~36 months, 50±0.5LBS
36~96months, 100±0.5LBS
* Projector

2nd QC check:
100% quality form prototype to volume production.
Before packing, our QC team and workers will 100% full check productions. Everything is checked and approved before leaving our factory.

  • Tension gauge
  • Torque gauge
  • Projector

Custom Packaging

Besides regular polybag packing, we can also provide design
for clients’ custom packaging.

Customize Packing


After-sales service is an integral part of our product’s

lifecycle. Inafye baby products manufacturer make sure your product is ready to be treated

with care, shipped, and delivered on time.

Infaye’s team provides repair, logistics and technology

support. Reliability is the key to everything we do.