Story of Infaye Founder

The Story of Infaye


I’ve been with plastics & Rubber silicone industry for close to 18 years now.
Seen a lot of things happened in our industry.

2004-2006,I worked as a CNC apprentice and learned manual molds (so-called fitters) during the process.

By the end of 2006, I started to learn CNC programming

In 2008, have good command of mold design and various 3D model design, CNC programing, mould design softwares,
Including Mastercam, UG-NX, Powermill, CAD, Pro-E, Rhinoceros, Catia. And known the whole mold making process: EDM electric discharge machining, wire cutting, deep hole drilling, patterning, electroplating, sandblasting, and other surface treatment techniques. I made plastic moulds, metal stamping molds, zinc aluminum alloy molds, silicone molds, rubber molds, blow molds, etc. During thie period, I work as master programmer, team leader and supervisor.

In 2015, I entered the silicone industry by chance, focusing on manufacturing and production of food-grade silicone products: baby teething toys, dummies, pacifiers, cake baking mould, baby food placemat, ice cream silicone mold, and so on. All of our production comply with FDA, LFGB, and REACH etc.

We can provide turn-key service: from product design to mold design, to mold production, and finished product.

We currently also have hundreds of self-designed products available, and more and more new products will continue to be developed

I love thinking. I often think of good ideas before going to bed and taking a bath, and then I quickly draw new products with a pen, and then I draw them on the computer with software.

I like talking . Because we can learn a variety of different knowledge by talking with others, and we can also get more useful information about life and work.

I like learning, learning is endless. Besides studying computer software, I also read a series of books on marketing and business. And take some website building & marketing courses.

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